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If you are interested in:

  • Screening for inhibitors of isoprenoid pyrophosphate utilizing enzymes (e.g., FTI, GGTI)
  • Examining the role of isoprenoid pyrophosphates (e.g., FPP, GGPP) in effects mediated by HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors (stains)
  • Testing the effects of upstream and downstream metabolites in the action of bisphosphonates (alendronate, pamidronate, etc)
  • Synthesizing any of wide variety of isoprenoid natural products (including squalene, polyprenyl phosphates, and terpenoids) using cloned enzymes
  • Examining the role of isoprenoid pyrophosphates in activation of γ,δT cells
  • Determining the requirement of isoprenoids in the survival of Plasmodium
  • Changing the level of isoprenoid pyrophosphates in vivo
  • Or any other project that involves the use of isoprenoid compounds,

Then you need an inexpensive and reliable source of isoprenoid pyrophosphates!