Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I order from Isoprenoids?

A. We accept purchase orders, credit cards, PayPal, and electronic fund transfers. If you want to pay with a credit card or PayPal, simply select the compounds you want from the “Products” listing.  If you want to pay with a purchase order or electronic fund transfer, email us at or call 813 785 6446.


Q. How are the isoprenoid pyrophosphates packaged?

A. All of the isoprenoid pyrophosphates are sold as the dried ammonium salts.


Q. What is the charge for packaging and shipping?

A. The dried ammonium salts of isoprenoid pyrophosphates are stable for days at room temperature. Accordingly, the customer has several choices regarding shipping: 1) UPS or FedEx Ground ($10, 3-4 business days), 2)  Standard Overnight ($44, after noon next day), 3) Priority Overnight ($50, before noon next day).  If you prefer, we can ship Standard Overnight or Priority Overnight in insulated Styrofoam boxes containing PolarPaks for about $5 extra.  For shipments outside North America, prices vary depending on the country; contact us.


Q. What is the stability of the isoprenoid pyrophosphates?

A. If stored at –20°C, decomposition is less than 0.1% a month. If you plan on storing them over a year, -70°C is recommended


Q. How can you sell these compounds for so much less than your competition?

A. Low overhead (but no, we don’t outsource – everything is home grown). Also, the compounds are made in bulk, and we do not usually aliquot less than 2 mg.


Q. What is the largest size of one lot?

A. We can prepare lots up to 500 mg. If you need more that 500 mg of an XPP, we will be happy to prepare it, but it will come from more than one lot.


Q. Can I order less than 2 mg?

A. In order to maintain our low prices, we generally do not aliquot less than 2 mg. However, if you have a special need (like you’re on a tight budget), contact us.


Q. Can I try a sample gratis?

A. Yes, we can ship 100 μg gratis, with shipping costs paid by the customer.


Q. What is the purity of the isoprenoid pyrophosphates, and how is it checked?

A. Purity is guaranteed >95%. Purity is always checked by thin layer chromatography on silica and reversed phase. During the original characterization of the method of preparation, we used capillary electrophoresis and 31P NMR. See our publications.


Q. What if I am not satisfied with the product I purchased?

A. We will give you a full refund.